Interactivity is the soul of a society. To earn an own union-wide society requires a little more interactivity from you, because team members are all in different countries, have their own home language, own surroundings. On the other hand just those things make an own Personal EU so exciting and challenging - and if you like, successful to everyone, too.

Personal EU is like a class in the school. A full EU team has lifelong learning union-wide challenges.The size of the team is about the same as you had in school. The Personal EU world is the real world outside the real EU. Your Personal EU team could have common contacts and businesses with persons all over the world. You can decide your worldwide challenge level and values. You can decide your environment and energy policy. You create an own world and play it with your rules.

On the way towards an general and optimal Personal EU team portal we all have to manually find the sympathy of brains, among existing friends and in different kinds of network user groups. By sending a simple friendly message and this link to a right forum is a good start to your Personal EU - and a continuing discussion about union-wide teams leads easily to a growing international friend gallery. Together you then decide the common and unique challenges of your Personal EU.

I wish you a successful interactivity in these and many other union-wide debates:

Should your union-wide or national favorite forum be found here? Please send the link and your greetings to the Personal EU group of Facebook and refer to this Interactivator page.